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5 Glamorous Gold Wall Decor Ideas That Will Transform Your Home

By ADMIN on June 24, 2022

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If you want to transform your room from blah to bling, there’s no better way than decorating with gold wall decor. If you’re thinking about adding some bling to your bedroom, kitchen, dining room or hallway, then check out these five glamorous gold wall decor ideas that will take your space from drab to dazzling in no time!

Standout Living Room

If you’re looking to create a glam living room that attracts attention, try adding gold accents on your walls. It’s an easy way to incorporate subtle luxury and also very easy on your wallet. Choose pieces that are large enough to make a statement (larger-than-life animal portraits are perfect) and combine with other eye-catching gold accessories for maximum effect. The best part? You can find everything you need at home decor stores like Target or online — all for less than $100. Keep in mind, it’s what you don’t buy that counts most: Resist expensive accent tables, rugs, or wall hangings and stick with textured canvas paintings in neutral tones. Voilà!

Perfect For Master Bedroom

If you’re planning on decorating your master bedroom, gold can be a stunning touch. You don’t have to invest in expensive décor pieces—instead, simply place some gold accent pieces around your room and it will automatically feel sophisticated and elegant. If you want to add texture to your room, but don’t want to splash too much color around, a gold wallpaper can really take center stage. Tying a subtle pattern into gold is also a fun way to create contrast in any room of your home. Take these glam dining chairs from American Eagle Outfitters as an example: they feature unique detailing that makes them stand out from afar—but upon closer inspection, their metallic frame blends seamlessly with any other accents in your space.

Wallpaper Alternative

Perhaps you don’t want to completely cover your walls with wallpaper—maybe you have an accent wall in mind, or perhaps you’re hoping for a more temporary decor solution. If so, try using strips of fabric instead of wallpaper (the same method is often used in window treatments). While it may take some practice to get it just right, installing fabric is much less permanent than taping and gluing up real wallpaper. And if you get bored with one pattern after a few months? Simply remove it and replace it with something new! If a roll of canvas isn’t in your budget, however, then I’d suggest looking into wood planking wallpapers—you can usually pick up these rolls on Amazon for under $10.

Gold Accent Mirrors

This idea is simple. There are a lot of beautiful mirrors out there that have a gold accent or trim. A quick search on Pinterest will yield tons of results, just be sure to buy one that isn’t too ornate since you will be covering it up with decorative gold wallpaper. Hanging mirrors right next to each other can make a wall look wider, so consider placing two mirrors side by side on either end of your wall and filling in with a few smaller ones between them. This will create an even more glamorous effect while still keeping your focus on one area of your home.

Touch of Elegance

One of my favorite home decor trends is to take a classic piece and give it a modern edge. I love transforming vintage or antique items into something that reflects my personal style. For example, in our last home, we had an antique chandelier but I didn’t like how dated it was. So I stripped off all of its paint and gave it a modern update. If you want your space to be glamorous, why not try out a touch of elegance? Here are five ways to glam up your walls with gold accents!


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