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6 Cool and Unique Wall Clocks You Can Buy Right Now

By ADMIN on June 24, 2022

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Wall clocks are traditionally very simple devices, with only their faces and hands to provide information. But when you’re looking to add some personality and style to your room, traditional wall clocks just won’t cut it anymore. Instead, you should be looking at some of the cool and unique wall clocks available right now that will both delight your visitors and show off your unique tastes and interests. With this in mind, here are six of the coolest and most unique wall clocks on the market right now that you can buy today!

1) Water wall clock

This stunning clock features an elegant water wall that disappears at 12 o’clock, revealing a wooden wall clock underneath. Made of brass with a brown, rustic finish, it’s part of a collection of clocks that feature water walls made out of different materials like stone or glass. It can be personalized with three initials at no extra cost. Cost: $399

2) Square Shaped Wooden Clock

This is an example of a square shaped wooden clock. It features a small wooden frame, with 4 circular discs in front that rotate to display different numbers. It has only one hand, which also moves around each disc as it rotates. This clock is battery operated and makes a subtle ticking sound when running; however, it can also be run using any AC adapter that you might have from another electronic device (an old phone charger for example). Its simple design adds aesthetic appeal to your living room or bedroom wall. All you need to do is mount two small screws into your wall to hang it up! $19

3) Nostalgic Kitchen Wall Clock

If you’re looking for a small wall clock, consider going retro with one of these nostalgic kitchen wall clocks. They include designs such as a stove, toaster, tea kettle and mixing bowl. Each features a unique design that’s inspired by classic kitchen appliances. Available in both 12-inch and 8-inch diameters, they feature a quartz movement, battery operated movement and come with hanging hardware.

4) Quirky World Map Modern Design Digital Wall Clock

Most wall clocks are pretty basic, but for those who prefer a little quirkiness in their life, there’s a cool world map with city names instead of numbers. Sure, it might not be as practical as other options out there, but you have to admit that it looks pretty unique. Plus, it makes for an excellent conversation piece when you have visitors over. This is one of my favorite decorative clocks because of its unusual shape—the best kind of clock to display in an office or study. The product also offers several features such as date-and-time functions, temperature displays, a snooze button and USB charging capabilities. Click here to buy!

5) Wooden Alarm Clock with Rope Hanger

When you’re looking for a rustic look that’s not overbearing, rope-hanger clocks offer style that complements any decor. The best part is that you can use it anywhere in your home without interfering with room décor. Use it in a kitchen to check how much time has passed since you started your dish; or put it in an office as an artistic way to check if you’re on schedule for a meeting. Rustic wall clocks like these don’t require batteries, instead relying on simple movement to create their melody and hum. Most are made from all-natural wood, which makes them perfect if you prefer organic materials in your home.

6) Boho Industrial Vintage Rustic Home Decor Metal LCD LED Time Date Wall Desk Clock

In order to get a glimpse of bohemian styling, you do not have to go all out on painting walls. Selecting wooden wall clocks like Boho Industrial Vintage Rustic Home Decor Metal LCD LED Time Date Wall Desk Clock is an effective way to achieve rustic appeal with relatively minimal investment. For example, if you have young children in your home, a retro alarm clock in your bedroom would be more appreciated than any other digital option. Place one at eye level on your nightstand so that when it rings, everyone can see what time it is.


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